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Thanos Direct Drive Wheel Controller

Plug and Play Affordable Direct Drive Wheel Controller based on AASD Drivers.

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Direct Drive wheel democratized.

MMOS Direct Drive Wheel controller with 12-bit DAC, plug and play with AASD servomotors. It comes fully assembled and programmed already with the latest MMOS firmware. The new version TDD Micro v2.0 includes jumpers you can cut to redirect the torque signal from the DAC directly to other pins of the STM32 if you want to try the HoanTV firmware instead of MMOS FW.

AASD-30A Driver compatible!

Compatible with all AASD servomotors you can find on the market. From 130ST to the smaller 90ST one, or any size flange and torque you would like to use.

TDD Micro Controler relies on proven quality of STM32 Discovery board.

For your sfety, a  simple terminal screw connector is here to receive any E-stop button of your choice.

Based in California, Thanos is designing all his projects with care in his own lab.

Quality first

Designed by Thanos in the US

Quality and sustainability has always been in mind when developing this DD controller.
We want you to get the best for your rig, and that it last for long.

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Off-the-shelf components

We made this controller with DIY in mind so it's compatible with components already used for other applications in the industrial world.

An AASD-30A Drive, a compatible motor of your choice depending of your needs and liking, a wheel and quick release from your local car parts store.... and you are ready to Race!

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Since launch date of TDD Micro controller, the number of users accross the world is growing

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Here is a brief overview of what you can expect from your Thanos TDD Micro Controller.
If you have a specific project and need compatibility confirmation, feel free to ask us !


  • Model: New TDD Mircro controller V2.0 STM32 based
  • Power: USB powered
  • Color: Black/Blue 
  • Feature: 12-bit DAC, Logitech G27 connectors + Z Axis analog input


  • Motors: Mige  130ST-M15015
  • Drivers : AASD-30A or similar
  • Software/Firmware : MMOS or HoanTV (external ST-link programmer required)


  • Product weight: 0.300 kg
  • Product size : 9 x 9 x 2 cm
  • Plug and play with AASD servomotors, via straight male-male DB25 cable.
  • 12-bit DAC for clean and silent Torque signal.
  • It comes fully assembled and programmed already with the latest MMOS firmware.
  • The new version TDD Micro v2.0 includes jumpers you can cut to redirect the torque signal.
  • DB9 connectors to use G27 shifter and G27 pedals (optional).
  • Additional Z axis analog input in case you want to use a analog handbrake as well, apart the standard G27 Shifter and Pedals (DB9 connectors).

Key Features

- TDD Micro v2.0 Controller -

Easy e-Stop

Mount any e-stop switch on the two position green screw terminal, to quickly disable the servomotor drive S-ON signal.

MMOS Compatible

Based on the famous MMOS firmware for Direct Drive wheel control. Embed all connectivity features like connectors for G27 shifter and G27 pedals and custom buttons.

12-Bit DAC

Uses a two channel 12-bit precision DAC to convert the PWM signal from MMOS, to clean analog voltage signal in the range of 0-3.3v, for vibration free and low noise operation.

AASD-30A Drives

Supports all AASD drives, AASD-15A, AASD-20A and AASD-30A servo drives and their matching AC servomotors.

Thanos TDD Micro v2.0 Controller


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