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The Power box is offering the best way to safely provide power to your servodrives. It offers a 20A line filter to block EMI noise travel through the power line back to your mains line and pollute nearby devices powered on the same line, like your PC and peripherals.


The added meter can measure consumption either realtime or cumulative kW spend by the equipment attached on the power box. And all is wired via a 16A fuse switch, that is plenty above the servo drives power requirements, so it won't trip in normal operation.


High quality electrical parts were used for the creation of the Power Box. All wiring is done with crimped wires to allow modifications. 14AWG cables for the power with USA plugs, to easy use with 110v or 220v (custom wiring recommended).


A good suggestion would be to use a line strip that has individual switches, on the output of the power box, then wire all your AASD servos to the line strip.

Power Box


With 16A Fuse switch, 20A Line Filter, 100A rated Meter

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