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Next Gen controller, for your next motion project.
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Use a controller that will last with your future projects!
Your Rig is evolving, your controller is following.


Thanos4U controller is fully integrated with Sim Racing Studio motion software!

Rethink motion

Motion controller; improved.

Finally a plug and play controller for a plug and play motion software.
Thanos4U controller was made to overcome the difficulties of setting up
and tuning your motion rig and allow you quickly use your system
to enjoy racing of flight simulation in a matter of minutes.

Any Linear actuators you want, DIY or commercial; your choice!

Fully integrated with the best motion software for racing rigs in the market, the Sim Racing Studio, with automatic remote setup of spike filters and now with artificial intelligence automatic tuning!.

Avoid these unwanted motion jolts during Game Pause or when hitting a wall at high speeds or when falling off a cliff.

Spike filter is here and has your back! It protects the actuator mechanics as well as keeping you personally safe from sudden accelerations.

Dual Spike filter for separate setting on vertical mount actuators and on horizontal actuators, TL, surge, etc. Automatically set in SRS motion software per car and per game.

With the integrated RJ45 accessory port, you can connect an external emergency button box and device state LED's to control your Rig.
(E-stop, Park, Force Offline, 3 states LED's).

You could use two Thanos4U controllers, one master for 4 Vertical Actuators, and a second slave for up to additional 4 horizontal placed actuators (Surge, TL or double TL, seatbelt etc).
Based in California, Thanos is designing, prototyping and testing all his projects with care in his own lab.

Quality first

Designed by Thanos in the US

Quality and sustainability has always been in mind when developing this motion controller.
We want you to get the best for your rig, and that it will endure.

Get your controller now

Simple to use, YET beautiful

Easy setup via SRS interface

Less than 5 minutes of settings and you're good to go! Just select your actuator specifications, some security settings and that's it.

Get quick visual confirmation for the controller state by looking at the onboard LEDs. It will turn on Green when online in game, blink Blue for spike filter trip, or Red if the E-stop switch is engaged.

Custom color

Unit Tracker

Into the wild

Since launch date of the new Thanos AMC controller, the number of users accross the world is
growing everyday.

Join the future of motion!




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Here is a brief overview of what you can expect from your Thanos Motion Controller.
If you have a specific project and need compatibility confirmation; feel free to ask us!


  • Model: Thanos4U motion controller for SRS
  • Power: USB-C powered
  • Color: Black PCB
  • Feature: Status LEDs, RJ45 accessory port, small size.


  • Motors/Actuators: Linear up to 500mm stroke
  • Servo Drives : AASD-15A and AASD-15A PLUS
  • Software : Sim Racing Studio
    Open to any developer.
  • Rig type : 2DOF, 3DOF, 4DOF, 5DOF, 6DOF independent, Belt tensioner/TL/Surge options.


  • Product weight: 85 grams
  • Product size : 10 x 8 x 3.00 cm


  • Supports up to 4 AASD type servos
  • Automatic Home calibration on power up or re-connection without limit switches
  • Automatic motion between Park position and Standby position and Online positions with adjustable timeout timers and speeds.
  • Protection from exceeding physical limits of the actuator
  • Optional Platform Health check, to ensure all actuators are active during gaming
  • Adjustable stroke up to 500mm
  • Adjustable screw lead Pitch, 4mm, 5mm, 10mm or 25mm advance per revolution
  • Adjustable direction for Inline or Foldback placement of servomotor
  • Optional selection of belt reduction ratios (1:1, 1:1.5, 1:2) for foldback actuators.
  • 200kHz pulse rate for positioning
  • Latency as low as 1ms in SRS
  • E-stop, Park/Standby, Force Offline buttons and LED indicators
  • Remote parameters via PC software interface
  • Rolling Average Filter for anti-vibration pulses on the servomotor
  • Spike Filter to automatically eliminate jolts during crashes or unwanted motion cues

USB Powered

No need for external power source

RJ45 Accessory Port

Allow you to connect an external controler and state LED's

Integrated Security

Auto Calibration, Spike Filter and Stroke safety limit


Made with quality components from reputable brands


Set your controller to suit your needs and hardware


What users say

Don't just take our word for it. Hear what Thanos users have to say!

The easiest and most complete motion controller I have been given to test so far.
Team is always prompt to help through their Discord group.

Barry Rowland

Sim Racing Garage

Best purchase I’ve made in years! Everything from build quality to support and firmware upgrades from the Thanos team and their community has been amazing.

Peacemaker Motion Sim

Aussie Racer

Simple to purchase, simple to hook up, and simple to use. Plenty of versatility to fit any sim, even those with seven channels.
Thanks guys !

Jeff Gorjans

Serious Sim Racer

Team was incredibly quick to respond to my questions, and shipment happened within 48 hours! Great custom work by these guys – highly recommended.

Mike Jeffries

Sim Racing Garage

Thanos 4 U


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