Links and Vendors for Actuators

We develop, manufacture and offer our Motion Controllers to commercial vendors to offer along their actuators. Also, we offer the same solutions to home users to help speed up their DIY builds having one less thing to worry about. You don't have to worry about how to interface the mechanical part of the motion platform to the computer. No need for programming or need to solder or deal with custom wiring etc. The motion controllers we offer are 100% ready for use. Plug in the PC and on the Servo Drives via off the shelve DB25 cables, run the associated software (SRS, Simtools, FlyPT) and quickly you are ready for racing laps.

Not everyone's budget is the same, and there are many compatible solutions to go about obtaining or constructing actuators. I'll share a list of these sources and vendors, which I'll maintain up to date periodically. If any link is broken please let me know via the contact form.



Standard SFX-100 actuator

SFX-100 standard actuator where you have to source all parts by yourself and assemble:

Some vendors on Aliexpress conveniently now sell all needed parts in a single package kit, to save on shipping cost and offer metal caps and joint parts instead of having to 3D print:

Before proceeding with these kits or sources, make sure they offer the new improved white color AASD-15A servo drives that are operating on 16Khz IGBT frequency and are silent, instead of the older black color AASD-15A drives that have the 10Khz whining noise. Many are sensitive to this noise. Check if you can hear it in this video with earphones and if it's annoying to you: )



A notable vendor with custom designed Lowrider and Lowslider platforms is Race At Home. They have the lowest platforms to place your 4 actuator rig on top.


e-Racing Lab

More SFX-100 kits, with no 3D printing required: (They use the new White model AASD-15A servo drives no 10Khz whine).

They also carry their own line of actuators, more compact and less heavy, fully assembled and with options for Surge and Traction loss horizontal actuators:



PT-Actuator provides actuator kits, complete platform kits plus some extra peripherals.

These are industrial quality actuators, quiet in operation with a very good mechanical build that will last for years of 24/7 operation before it will need maintenance! No 10Khz whining noise from the Servo drives as it's using the new AASD-15A plus (white drives).

They also offer pre-build platforms:

If you would like to join the PT Motion owners club on WhatsApp, for questions or chat before you order, you can scan this barcode:


Departed Reality

Its worth mentioning this new venture into DIY Stewart 6DOF platforms, using easy to source material with no welding. They offer plenty of free plans and guides, among their unique products for easy build experience with the right parts.

Simmetrik 6DOF

If you are looking for independent axis 6DOF platform based on SFX100 actuators, here is another no welding solution with detailed plans and parts list.


Sourcing the Motion controller separately

Many of these actuator vendors are providing the AMC-AASD15A controller along with their kits or actuators, but if you choose you can order it directly from us:

Or if you want to use a more plug and play version that is fully integrated with SimRacingStudio motion software, you can get two of the Thanos4U controllers for up to 8 Actuators support:         (RJ45 cable with adapters is available right now  ).

Both AMC-AASD15A and Thanos4U controller are plug and play to all the actuators on the links above.

Useful links:

Support files and manual for the AMC-AASD15A controller:

Support files and manual for the Thanos4U controller:

Thanos Thingiverse designs for enclosures or other items you could 3D print:

Invitation to join the Thanos Discord server for questions and chat:

Official Vendor support forum on RaceDepartment with many useful pages of information to go through: